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Knowledge, not software or data, separates winners from the also-rans in S&OP and Supply Chain Planning.

Today’s enterprise-wide systems offer great capabilities. In actual practice, the companies whose people demonstrate the strongest conceptual knowledge and the strongest fundamental disciplines are the ones with the most productive results. These are the companies whose people know more than just how to process data and produce reports. They know how to use their systems to give their business a competitive edge.

Today’s ERP systems require substantial investments of time, money, and effort. They also require an investment in education and training to take advantage of their capabilities. Many companies have proven that installing the software does not automatically install the know-how to use it properly. Whether you are planning demand and supply in S&OP, master scheduling a group of products, creating supplier schedules, or daily plant schedules, the people who do it must understand much more than how to transact and produce reports. They must understand their roles, the guiding policies, and the impact their decisions and actions will have on others. They must understand the logic used by the people whose actions precede their planning activities and what decisions and actions will be taken by those who follow them. In short, they must see the “big picture” and how they fit in it. This is the only way to ensure long term success.

JGI’s on-site S&OP, ERP, and Supply Chain Planning education builds the knowledge your people will need to:

  • “plan and execute” – not just “track and transact”
  • apply the tools to fit your company’s products and processes – not “force fit” them
  • genuinely believe the systems help them do their work better, rather than be a daily burden they must tolerate
  • reap the expected benefits of the substantial investments in time, money, and effort everyone has made and not waste them

Our education . . . is practical and conceptual. It is business process oriented. Many of our other clients have tested and proven out our classes. They can be customized by topic and example to fit your business. They allow a high level of participation and a focus on your specific issues.