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At JGI, we believe that our role as consultants is to provide guidance and assistance but not to do your work for you. We believe that success requires that your people understand your policies, procedures, and systems thoroughly and take ownership of them. Our strong background and extensive experience in manufacturing can help you progress toward your improvement goals. Whether we act in a role as coach, teacher, technical advisor, facilitator, evaluator or communicator, we consider it our job to prepare your people to plan and operate their supply chain successfully.

Our Consulting Services:

    • Sales and Operations Planning
      • S&OP process design, implementation, and improvement
      • S&OP assessments using our Class A checklist for S&OP
    • ERP Assessments – Business Processes and Systems
      • ERP Class A checklist
      • Specific supply chain planning processes
      • Class A performance improvement projects
      • Class A performance measurements
    • Inventory Management
      • Inventory workshops and optimization projects
      • Inventory record accuracy
    • Master Scheduling
      • Rules and policies
      • Master scheduling techniques
    • Capacity Management and Scheduling
      • Capacity planning policies and techniques
      • Plant scheduling policies and techniques
    • Improving the quality of the data


Our Consulting Philosophy:

  • Give honest appraisals: Sometimes the truth hurts, but you should not hire a consultant to tell you what you want to hear.
  • Present best practices, alternatives, and give our opinions, but allow you to make the decisions: Our role is to share our knowledge and experience, but only you and your people should make final decisions about your operations.
  • Be as concerned about users as we are about installers: Installing good processes and software is just the start. The road to success also includes adopting an operating philosophy that will impact almost everyone in your organization. We can help your people understand and believe in the concepts and benefits so they will use the systems effectively.
  • Mediate debates over logic and policy: There will be not always be complete agreement on the rules.  Responsibility and logic issues, in particular, are sure to generate debate. It is our role to help with unbiased, knowledge-based mediation.
  • Help management define their roles: Operating successful business processes sometimes requires a change of philosophy at all organizational levels. We often assist  executives in clarifying their roles in implementation, operation and direction of these processes.
  • Educate your people well: When we leave, the organization should understand the ERP philosophy and be proficient in its operation.

Our primary goal is make sure that people throughout your supply chain are prepared for success.