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Preventive maintenance for your ERP/MRP II systems:
ERP/MRP II systems, like any good machinery, need preventive maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Over time, they are subject to the wear and tear of everyday use. Data, once accurate, can deteriorate. Users, once well-educated, can lose sight of key concepts. Schedules, once valid, may no longer be maintained. Systems may not contain up-to-date features that could extend their effectiveness. When you know you should be getting more out of your planning systems, but don’t know what the problem is, an independent evaluation – performed by someone who knows how ERP/MRP II should work – can give you the answers you need.

The JGI Evaluation – quick, thorough, practical:
All JGI evaluations are performed by JGI principals.  Because of our strong backgrounds in operations and extensive experience in evaluating ERP/MRP II systems in a variety of industries, we know who to talk to and what questions to ask. In a short period of consulting time, we will analyze your operations and present a comprehensive report containing practical recommendations in the following key areas:

  • Software Logic: Does it support the users? Has it been modified so much that it violates basic ERP/MRP II concepts? Are there new features that could make it more effective?
  • Data: Is the information in the system accurate? Is it reported on a timely basis? Are people asked to report unnecessary data? Do users understand which data must be exact and which are targets or standards that can be approximate numbers factored by performance?
  • Policy: Are all the policies needed to support successful ERP/MRP II operations in place? Are they updated regularly? Is adherence to the policies expected and measured?
  • People: Do your people understand ERP/MRP II concepts? Are they committed to operating according to the ERP/MRP II philosophy? Have they been trained to use the tools effectively? Are they organized appropriately to perform all the necessary functions?

We will help you develop an implementation plan based on our recommendations. We can also provide ongoing technical assistance and periodic reviews of your progress.