About Us

At JGI, we have helped hundreds of companies successfully implement and improve their ERP/MRP II systems. Before becoming consultants, we personally led implementation projects and later managed the resulting systems. We understand, from our own experience, the value of formal systems in manufacturing. We know what it takes to prepare operating people to accept these new systems and run them successfully. We know how to convert the theory into practice. We understand the difference between installing ERP/MRP II software and learning to operate a company and make decisions within philosophy. Through the years, we have earned an excellent reputation in such diverse industries as aerospace, automotive components, chemicals, construction equipment, electronics, food processing, glassware, industrial machinery, mining equipment, oil-field equipment, paper products, and pharmaceuticals. This reputation comes from the practical assistance we provide our clients and their record of success in getting the most out of their formal systems.

JGI is a firm dedicated to helping companies improve the performance of their supply chain planning and execution systems. We provide the following educational and consulting services:

• Customized on-site ERP/MRP II/Supply Chain Planning education
• ERP/MRP II implementation and post-implementation consulting
• Class A measurements and performance improvements
• Systems evaluations and recommendations
• Systems modeling and requirements definition